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Pınar Yeşin. Research.

Recent Mimeos, Working Papers, Publications

Main Areas of Research

1. Capital Flows and Current Accounts
  • "Growing Importance of Investment Funds in Capital Flows", jointly with Richard Schmidt, mimeo, 2022.

  • "The Kindness of Strangers", jointly with Andreas Fischer, work in progress.

  • "Current account adjustment and retained earnings", jointly with Andreas Fischer, Henrike Groeger, and Philip Sauré,  Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 94, June, 2019.

  • "Comment on “Do Swiss foreign assets hedge the business cycle?” by Nicolas Stoffels and Cédric Tille", Aussenwirtschaft, Vol. 69, Issue 1, 2018.

  • "Capital Flows and the Swiss franc", Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, Vol 153, Issue 4, 2017.

What the Financial Times has said on this study on October 20, 2016 ("The eerie calm of the Swiss franc after the Brexit").

  • "Merchanting and Current Account Balances", The World Economy, jointly with Elisabeth Beusch, Barbara Döbeli, and Andreas Fischer, Vol. 40, Issue 1, 2017.

  • "Capital Flow Waves to and from Switzerland before and after the Financial Crisis", Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 151, Issue 1, 2015.

  • "Persistent Surpluses: Modeling the Swiss Current Account using the Absorption Approach", jointly with Andreas Fischer and Jessica Leutert, Swiss National Bank, mimeo, 2013.

2. Foreign Currency Denominated Loans

  • "Foreign Currency Loan Conversions and Currency Mismatches", jointly with Andreas Fischer, Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol 122(c), 2022.

  • "Deleveraging and Foreign Currency Loan Conversion Programs", jointly with Viktória Vidaházy, Comparative Economic Studies, Vol 62, Issue 2, March 2020.

  • "The Asymmetric Impact of International Swap Lines on Banks in Emerging Markets", Journal of Banking and Finance, jointly with Alin Andries and Andreas Fischer, Vol. 75, February 2017 (reprint: Vol. 83, October 2017).

  • "Information Asymmetry and Foreign Currency  Borrowing by Small Firms", Comparative Economic Studies, jointly with Martin Brown and Steven Ongena, Vol. 56, March 2014.

  • "Foreign Currency Loans  and Systemic Risk in Europe", Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Review, May-June 2013.

  • "Foreign Currency Borrowing by Small Firms in Transition Countries", Journal of Financial Intermediation, Vol. 20, Issue 3, July 2011, jointly with Martin Brown and Steven Ongena.

3. Exchange Rate Models
  • "Exchange Rate Predictability and State-of-the-art Exchange Rate Models", SNB Working Paper, No. 16/02, April 2016.

4. Financial Markets
  • "Who Needs Credit and Who Gets Credit in Eastern Europe", Economic Policy, January 2011, Vol. 26, Issue 65, jointly with Martin Brown, Steven Ongena,  and Alexander Popov.

  • "The Recent Behaviour of Financial Market Volatility", BIS Paper, No. 29, August 2006, Bank for International Settlements, jointly with F. Panetta, P. Angelini, A. Levy, G. Grande, R. Perli, S. Gerlach, S. Ramaswamy, and M. Scatigna  (also published as Banca d’Italia Occaasional Paper, No. 2, August 2006).

What the Financial Times has said on this study on Sept 22, 2006, on Sept 29, 2006, on Oct 2, 2006, and on Jan 24, 2007.

What the Economist has said on this study on Oct 5, 2006.

5. Optimal Monetary Policy
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